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Procurement Services Specialist

REF: 190130_PS

EXPIRE DATE: 17/02/19

Neterra is looking for Procurement Services Specialist.

An exclusive opportunity

for an energetic, positive and hardworking person to join our Procurement Services team, where your responsibilities might include negotiating with suppliers and purchasing services.

You will also be expected to:
  • Establish and maintain communication with current and potential telecom service providers;
  • Participate in service delivery tender procedures;
  • Collect quotes, based on predefined technical requirements;
  • Prepare standard agreements, annexes and purchase orders, ensure that all the paperwork is kept in order.
  • Enter accurate and timely information into an internal ERP system;
  • Coordinate and organize the service activation process;
  • Prepare reports and service analyses.
You can contribute if you have:
  • University degree, Economics or IT/Telecommunications field is an advantage;
  • Previous experience in sales/procurement;
  • Excellent analytical, organizational and business communication skills;
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as a part of a team;
  • Fluency in English.
What's in it for you:

• Reputable, steadily growing and people-oriented telecom company with strong positions in Bulgaria and internationally; • Attractive remuneration and social benefits package; • Rewarding career, training and development opportunities; • Challenging projects; • Creative working environment; • Great working atmosphere; • and the last but not least... this must be us - the Neterra team of professionals: cooperative and friendly, successful, talented and motivated

If you feel passionate about this career opportunity, please, share your CV by February 17, 2019.


Front-End Developer

REF: 190115_FED

EXPIRE DATE: 15/02/19

We are Neterra – for more than 22 years we offer telecom services and IT solutions to businesses, ISPs and users in many countries.

An exclusive opportunity

for a passionate Frontend Engineer to join the software development team and help solve a challenging set of problems in a space packed full of opportunities. We are enabling powerful end-user experiences in a web browser that include ERP and Fleet management systems. In this role, you will work with other engineers, product managers, and UX designers to conceptualize and create responsive and scalable web applications.

Creating the perfect user experience in a web environment requires a blend of technical knowledge, customer obsession and agility. You should be somebody who is interested in how the various components (browsers, networks, APIs, protocols and web servers) work together, and understand how they can be effectively used together to create great user experiences. You will work closely with customers to ensure we are delivering interfaces that make it easy to do complex tasks, without making the experience challenging. You will be part of a small, fast moving team that will have a huge impact on the overall Neterra business. If employing your skills at scale, and working in a dynamic and delivery focused environment interests you, this is the perfect role.

You will also be expected to:
  • Contribute to the group’s development standards, best practices, and methodologies
  • Re-factor existing modules, implement new functionalities and extensions
  • Participate in a fast-paced agile software development life cycle
  • Support product releases and be available to resolve issues
You can contribute if you have:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
  • Computer Science fundamentals in OO design, data structure, and algorithm design
  • 3+ years of overall software development experience, with an emphasis on web applications and frontend technologies
  • Demonstrated UI implementation experience, and with a portfolio of work that demonstrates detailed attention to typography, color, imagery, motion, and graphic elements
  • A passion for creating beautiful, engaging, intuitive, efficient and highly usable user interfaces with good taste and aptly placed unobtrusive animations
  • Knowledge how to create truly seamless user experience without unnecessary page reloads
  • Proficiency in, at least, one modern programming language such as Java, Python, PHP, Scala, C++, or C#.
As a top applicant YOU are experienced in:
  • Building rich data-driven web applications
  • Modern web technologies and techniques such as HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript 2016, CSS pre-processors (SASS, Less, Stylus), JavaScript transpilers (Babel, CoffeeScript, TypeScript), and JavaScript build tools (Browserify, WebPack, Grunt, Gulp)
  • Modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as Vue, React, Redux, Ractive, Ember, or Angular, along with the knowledge of when to use them
  • Working on single page web applications and utilizing lazy loading
  • Working on hybrid or native mobile applications
  • The complete product development life-cycle of successfully launched applications
  • Streaming media and HTML5 Canvas, WebGL (threeJS) and animation vie JavaScript and CSS
  • SEO best practices and emerging trends in desktop, web, and mobile app development.
What’s in for you:
  • Working in a reputable, steadily growing and people-oriented telecom company with strong positions in Bulgaria and on international markets
  • Attractive remuneration and social benefits packages
  • Rewarding career, training and development opportunities
  • Challenging projects
  • Creative working environment
  • Great working atmosphere
  • and last but not least... this must be us- the #Nteam of professionals: cooperative and friendly, successful, talented and motivated

If you feel passionate about this career opportunity, please, share your CV by February 15, 2019.


Marketing and PR Specialist

REF: 190205_MPRS

EXPIRE DATE: 27/02/19


Do you like asking questions? Are you curious about innovations? Is it a challenge for you to create communication strategy about new technologies? Are you ready to become part of a company that (literally) gives you a chance to realize your ideas in real time/for real? This ad is for a pro-active, inspired professional, who will be part of the Marketing team. Love for technologies is a must and good communication skills is a key to success!!!

Your responsibilities might include:
  • Brand management
  • PR & Media relations & Media monitoring
  • Event management – more of a team effort
  • Writing articles, press releases, web content etc. - inspiration can be sought anywhere:)))
  • Developing marketing and communication strategies
  • Creating relevant content for our brands – online and offline
  • Creating, delivering and optimizing effective marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns (incl. digital)
  • Analyzing, monitoring and review of reports and research data
  • Managing social media’s content and monitoring social media presence – good knowledge and some experience would be of help
  • Monitor the competitors’ activities on the market
  • Act as our best brand ambassador
  • Interest in new technologies
  • А relevant University degree
  • Previous experience on a similar position (optional)
  • Proactive and self-confident with excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Creative and dynamic with assertive personality
  • Fluency in English-any other language is a plus;
  • Computer proficiency and experience - Office products, web and social media tools
  • Good writing and analytical skill
  • a reputable, steadily growing and people-oriented telecom company with strong positions in Bulgaria and internationally.
  • an attractive remuneration and social benefits package
  • rewarding career, training and development opportunities
  • challenging projects
  • creative working environment
  • great working atmosphere
  • flexible hours
  • and the last but not least... this must be us - the Neterra team of professionals: cooperative and friendly, successful, talented and motivated
If you feel passionate about this career opportunity, please, share your CV by 27 of February 2019.

Търговец Национални продажби

REF: 190129_NS

EXPIRE DATE: 17/02/19

Изключителна възможност

да се присъедините към екипа на Отдел Продажби, където ще имате свободата да докажете себе си и вашите търговски умения. Ако сте човек с хъс и столът в офиса не е любимото Ви място, то ние от Нетера, имаме най-подходящата позиция за Вас!

Като част от екипа, Вие ще работите активно на телекомуникационния пазар с цел:
  • определяне на специфичните нужди на клиентите и предлагане на комплексни телекомуникационни решения съобразно техните индивидуални изисквания;
  • привличане на нови клиенти;
  • проактивна комуникация със съществуващите клиенти;
  • обслужване на продажбите и свързаните с тях процеси;
  • изготвяне на отчети за реализирани продажби и активности;
Може да допринесете, ако
  • обичате да продавате
  • чувствате се комфортно да работите с ISP оператори и корпоративни клиенти
  • имате професионален опит на подобна позиция минимум 1 година (B2B)
  • умеете да водите преговори и презентации
  • имате завършено висше образование
  • притежавате шофьорска книжка и сте готови за пътуване в страната
Нашето предложение
  • възможности за обучения съобразно личните и професионални нужди
  • пакет от социални придобивки
  • възможности за допълнителни бонуси при постигане на поставените цели
  • Интересна и предизвикателна среда в развиващ се бизнес
  • Подкрепа и съдействие от колегите в приятелска атмосфера
  • Отлични условия на труд
Ако имате интерес към тази обява, кандидатствайте, не по-късно от 17 Февруари 2019 г.

Младши Инженер в Център за наблюдение на видео услуги (VSOC)

REF: 180729_VSOC

EXPIRE DATE: 28/02/19

Изключителна възможност

да се запознаете с портфолиото от видео услуги на Нетера и непрекъснато да развивате и усъвършенствате своите знания и умения за работа с технологии и процеси.

Като част от екипа на Център за наблюдение на видео услуги вашите задължения ще включват:
  • Наблюдение на ТВ платформите на Нетера със специализиран софтуер, както и вземането на спешни мерки по отстраняването на неизправности, съгласно указани процедури
  • Наблюдение на комуникационно оборудване
  • Кореспонденция с клиентите и партньорите от страната и чужбина при разрешаване на проблеми
  • Поемане на клиентски обаждания, свързани с поддръжката на услугите
  • Поемане на дежурства по график
Може да допринесете, ако имате
  • Добри познания по TCP/IP networking и troubleshooting
  • Познания по Linux и UNIX операционни системи
  • Много добри умения за боравене с PC и software - инсталация, конфигурация, решаване на проблеми
  • Образование в областта на теле- или радио-комуникации
  • Английски език на работно ниво
  • Много добри комуникативни умения
  • Познания по технологии за разпространение на поточно видео и аудио ще се смята за предимство
Предлагаме ви
  • Стабилна, непрекъснато развиваща се и ориентирана към хората телекомуникационна компания, със силни позиции на българския и международните пазари
  • Атрактивен пакет от възнаграждения и социални придобивки
  • Непрекъснати възможности за обучение и развитие
  • Предизвикателни проекти
  • Творческа и зареждаща работна атмосфера
  • и не на последно място ... ние сме екип от професионалисти: подкрепящи, приятелски настроени, успешни, талантливи и мотивирани

Ако имате интерес към тази обява, кандидатствайте, не по-късно от 28-ми Февруари 2019 г.


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