The Client: African Cable Television Limited

African Cable Television (ACTV) is a direct-to-home pay TV Company, incorporated in 2013 and launched on November 13 2014. African Cable Television decided to enter the foray of the digital pay TV world not to be just one of the many, but a path maker, redefining the norm and pushing consumers’ expectations higher than what is currently obtained, provides you the best of seamless world-class HD video content at the most convenient price using the best technology available.
We at Neterra started working with their first African DTH customer, ACTV, after two face-to-face meetings in the summer of 2014.
ACTV wanted to set up a new DTH operator to challenge the status quo in Africa and to take pride in becoming a home-grown success story. They had the budget and they wanted to get going immediately.

The Challenge

ACTV already knew how to create their own TV channels, how to bundle their content into bouquets, and how to approach and sell to their market. But they did not want to have to spend the next two years researching, the market in set-top boxes, conditional access systems, uplink equipment, teleport locations, playout servers, middleware and firmware.
They wanted someone to take responsibility for that.

The Solution

Of course, DTH operators don't help other DTH operators to start a rival business. ACTV needed a company that combines, uniquely, experience in DTH without being a DTH operator.
After looking into possible solutions with other service providers, ACTV approached Neterra Ltd. with a requirement that no other DTH service provider could fulfil.

Neterra proposed a fully operational DTH platform, offered as a service. By that time, Neterra had been operating own White Label DTH platform for more than a year.

The Results

The deal was signed up, Neterra delivered the set-top boxes, configured the digital headend, the playouts, acquired the TV channels from their official sources and ACTV went live in within three months.

There were a number of issues after launch. The boxes' software had some bugs, the playouts did not want to play some specific video files, one TV channel was sending the wrong EPG data. Neterra performed hundreds of tests, evaluations, performance monitoring audits, software development of the firmware.
Work was done round the clock to resolve all issues.
ACTV focused on developing new features and new revenue streams.

Looking Ahead

We hope more companies from Africa, Middle East and elsewhere will have their luck, determination and proud results.


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