Internet Services

If an uninterrupted and secure Internert connection is critical to your business, please, contacts us and trust Neterra services!
Neterra provides access to the global Internet (full range of international routes). The service offers the most direct and guaranteed connectivity, symmetrical speed and is targeted to customers who need reliability and continuity.

Benefits of Neterra Internet Services:

Fully guaranteed capacity
Symmetry - the same speed of inbound and outbound traffic
High-speed, secure and reliable service
Use of optical transmission media to ensure maximum quality
Full range of international routes, using the principle of “the most direct connectivity”
Public static IP addresses

Additional Services:

Managed services

if requested, Neterra procures, installs, configures and supports equipment, tailored according to customer's needs

RIPE administering

Neterra in its LIR capacity represents you in front of RIPE when registering private IP addresses and autonomic systems


Neterra's solution provides strong and secure protection. It mitigates malicious traffic, carried out by multiple sources


99.7% guaranteed availability of the Internet services

Web based automatic network monitoring system


Problems notification, registration and recommendation for resolving them


Over 1500 direct peering partners

Neterra is your best choice

We offer you:

You maybe interested in the following services:

Managed Services
Space to store/colocate your equipment
Building a corporate network
Protection against malicious traffic
Satellite communication
Internet for remote or private locations

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