(DCI) for equipping two point-to-point links comprised of G.652 fiber pair each.

Neterra is looking for suitable 100GE DWDM metro area solution.

The first link is 11.3 km / 4.1 dB in distance/attenuation. The second is 34.8km/7.5 dB. The requirements are: - system capable of at least 40x 100G/10G/2.5G/1G channels per optical link. - capable of running 100GE communication over fiber spans with lengths at least 40 km - ability of COST-EFFECTIVE provisioning of 100GE transport channels with a target of TCO=8000 EUR per 100GE wavelength end-to-end including the transceivers. - ability of running ALIEN dwdm channels with arbitrary rates (100/10/2.5/1G) in mixed mode (in parallel, side-by-side) - BoL capacity - 1x100GE channel per optical link - included 60 months NBD HW and SW support - minimal rackspace footprint - up to 4 RU per endpoint.

Please include full specification with your quotes.

You can send your offers via platform Auxionize and on

The deadline for the offers is no later then 18:00 on 02.11.2018.



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