Who are we

Neterra is an independent telecom operator offering standard and complex services in Europe for over 20 years.

Neterra's dedication to provide first class service at every step of the way, from infrastructure to future technologies, makes the company one of the leading operators in the region. Neterra supports a portfolio of integrated global communication solutions based on the latest fiber, IP and satellite transmission technologies. We are known for reliable VPN services and data networks, Internet access, co-location, construction and maintenance of satellite systems.


We provide our clients with both standard telecom services and complex IT and telecommunication solutions.

We are

  • Creative (solutions, new services, new connections between people);
  • Sincere and people-orientated (with each other and with our partners);
  • Energetic and effective (everyday, anytime, in every situation);
  • Reliable (in the quality of services we offer, as well as people on whom our partners can rely);
  • Adaptable;
  • Honest;
  • Insightful (into the essence and meaning of things beyond the obvious);
  • Independent (in decision-making);
  • Visionaries (about the development of telecommunications and the market as a whole).

Our dream is to be a driving force, turning the world into a more connected place.


Neterra is one of the 5 founders of Mobile Alternative Communications (MAC) joint venture. NetIX, a Global Ethernet Exchange affiliate company, announces DDoS-IX service - a complex solution for mitigating DDoS attacks in an Internet exchange environment.
Neterra introduces Managed Services and adds to its portfolio myNeterra - an on-line portal for monitoring services. It also announces a family of services for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The company enters the corporate market in Croatia and adds a point of presence in Zagreb - Altus DC.
For its 20th anniversary Neterra has rebranded itself and organized Neterra Lab -a public event with an international partners participation. Neterra announces the new fleet management platform for optimizing operational costs NetFleet. Cloudware introduces 24/7 IT services. NeterraTV celebrates its 10 anniversary as the preferred Internet TV for Bulgarians abroad.
Neterra introduces Playout-as-a-service and the Digital Headend platform. Neterra opens a second point of presence in Frankfurt - InterXion Frankfurt4, аnd another one in Athens at the MedNautilius data center.
Neterra announces DDoS Protection services. The company presents the first White Label DTH solution and in collaboration with the African Cable Television (ACTV) the service is launched in Nigeria.
Cloudware, Neterra cloud platform, won the prize in Start-up Business category at Forbes E-volution Awards. Neterra became a reseller of DE-CIX services in Bulgaria and enables new members to connect easily to the Internet exchange point in Frankfurt. Neterra in partnership with Telenor launched “W1”, a platform for satellite TV services which enables operators to deliver DTH services to end users.
Neterra along with 8 other organizations founded Bulgarian Food Bank with a primary goal - collection and management of donated food in accordance with the safety standards. Cloudware is launched, Neterra cloud platform of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) type.
Neterra launches its new colocation facility, Sofia Data Center (SDC) - the newest in the region and the only one designed for data center from the planning stage in the last 15 years. Few months later SDC is nominated for New Data Center at European Data Center Awards 2011 and won Special Prize of the Jury at ICT Summit Eurasia Awards 2011.
Neterra now has an access point in Paris in the Equinix Telehouse Paris 2 data center, as well as in Amsterdam in the InterXion data center.
Sofia Teleport became the first satellite ground station in the region, to broadcast on the Astra 2C satellite, at 31.5°E. BIX.BG - The first Bulgarian Internet Exchange Point chose Neterra's \"Sofia Data Center\" for placing its equipment. Neterra started the IPTV service QUARTO in cooperation with the largest Bulgarian mobile operator - Mtel.
Neterra finishes constructing own fiber optic network with ring topology in Bulgaria. Now Neterra's Points-of-Presence are more than 30.
Neterra is selected as the newest point of presence of Verizon for Central and Eastern Europe.
Neterra is selected as partner of British Telecom in Bulgaria. The decision about Neterra collocating a point of presence marked the successful completion of two years of negotiations and one year of technical preparation. Launch of Neterra TV - Internet television platform. Neterra commissions the first stage of its largest project for construction of an optical network through Bulgaria, which connects the European and Asian support points - Balkan Fiber Optic Ring or BFOR.
Completion of its national network for transfer of voice and data. The network of Neterra reaches major border checkpoints with Romania, Turkey and Greece.
The first Bulgarian telecommunication operator to create international interconnection and a "point of presence" in Frankfurt, Germany. At that time the company controls approximately 1/3 of the whole Internet traffic in Bulgaria.
Construction of Sofia Teleport - the most advanced telecommunication facility in Bulgaria during that period.
Land operator of major international satellite companies- Loral Skynet, Telespazio, KB Impuls Hellas, Triaton.
The first alternative operator of land and satellite stations in Bulgaria.

Our Team

Neven Dilkov

Managing Director

Marinela Georgieva

Chief Operating Officer

Maya Kalcheva

Marketing and Communications Manager

Roussin Roussinov

Head of Sales

Pavel Marchev

Head of Operations Department

Sezgyn Karib

Head of Finance Department

Nikolay Chakinski

Manager Procurement of goods division and Product manager Colocation

Yordan Kritski

Head of NMT-IP division

Alexander Stoinov

Manager Software Development

Dean Belev

Product Manager Internet and Data Services

Tsvetelina Ivanova

Team Leader Procurement of Services and International Sales

Nikolay Zhelev

Head of Legal and Compliance

Zhivko Kyosev

Head of Colocation Team

Maria Rochkova

Manager IT Services

Vasil Marin

Head of Network Operations Center (NOC)

Nikolay Dimitrov

Head of Video Support Operations Center (VSOC)

Desislava Gergova

Office Manager

Delegations of Authority

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